Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grandparents Day at School

January 23 was Grandparents Day at our youngest son's children's school. Cameron (second grade) was so excited I thought she would burst when we two grandmothers arrived. She sat between us, holding our hands in hers, smiling and loving every minute of it. I visited her class first where the teacher had put together some cute little projects for us to share. One such item was a set of pictures (car, house, food, etc.), and we were to note how much these things cost when we were in second grade as compared to now. Cameron was shocked at the difference--especially that I had only paid $1600 for my first car--I won't even mention what my 2007 Honda Accord LEX cost me!

Grandma Kay and I switched, and I then visited Taylor's fifth-grade class (Taylor didn't hang around to have another picture taken, hence, more of Cameron). Have you ever watched Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Well, let me tell you--this Grandma is not! I loved the way the teacher drew all of us into the lesson. She was teaching on the states and asking us all if we knew what significant historical events happened in each . . . unfortunately, we didn't have time to cover them all. I loved being a fifth grader again even if I didn't know most of the answers.

The day and being with the kids was wonderful. However, the best part was knowing that my grandchildren are in a Christian environment each day, learning about the Lord and the values set forth in the Scriptures. Before we visited each class, the principal greeted us with a warm welcome and shared on the impact we have on our grandchildren--an eternal impact vs. a temperal impact. I don't know if he realized how stirring his short message was. As grandparents, it's natural for us to want to give them all they want--but in reality, we need to give them Jesus--in the way we act, talk and love one another.

This lesson never gets too old to learn and practice over and over again.

In Him,

Jim's Patty


nannykim said...

That was a nice idea! I am trying to remember the cost of my first new car--I think it was around 2,100 dollars and it was a little honda civic--one of the first!! If you went through a puddle the water would get on the spark plugs and it would not start!!

Mimi said...

This looks like it was a wonderful day for the children to have their grand parents visit them at school...and it was especially nice for Cameron and Taylor because both grand mothers were able to attend!!!

Sharon said...

What a good grandma you are! Looks like a very fun day!

Thank you for visiting my blog! You have a very lovely blog!

Hugs, Sharon

IsabellaCloset said...

Patty, I love your post about Grandparents day. What precious grandchildren and such sweet photos.
I have grandchildren in the same grades as Cameron and Taylor. What great fun it was spending Grandparentsday with them.
It's wonderful that your grandchildren attend a Christian school.
I feel very blessed that my Grandchildren attend a Catholic school.
Thanks for sharing this delightful post!
Blessings ~Mary~

Alice W. said...

How sweet! I actually attended grandparent's day for one of my little brother's once if you can believe it! I was about 21 years old...hehe...he didn't have a grandmother who could I got to be the lucky one!